College of the Canyons

Educational websites can look good too.

The Purpose

Constructing a website for easily accessibility is no simple feat, and as a result, many sites remain unorganized and difficult to use. Before partnering with Artifice Studios, College of the Canyons' department websites suffered from a similar problem. Their content was outdated and their user interfaces were clunky and inefficient, making it inconvenient for students and faculty to access the information they needed.

We were tasked with taking a number of College of the Canyons' web sites and revamping to be sleek and streamlined for optimal user friendliness.

The Process and End Result

The College of the Canyons website encompasses virtually every department and service available on campus, and each one has their own unique needs that had to be addressed. Figuring out a way to effectively manage and reorganize all this information required a considerable amount of meticulous planning.

After sitting down with staff members to discuss plans for their websites, we addressed potential problems and outlined a unified design that could span across various subsites of the main website. Each of the departments and services were treated as individual clients to ensure their website received the close attention they deserved.

For over two years Artifice Studios has collaborated with College of the Canyons to build new websites for their following departments: Admissions and Records, Financial Aid, Career Technical Education, and many others. The websites' designs are simple to navigate and are consistent with the college's brand and colors. However, we used each department's specific assets to inject individuality and personality into the designs as well.

Registering for school, choosing classes or researching information online can be intimidating and stressful enough normally. For students and faculty at College of the Canyons though, Artifice Studios helped make the process a little more manageable.

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