Fullerton College Workforce Center

Our experience with working with educational institutes has led us to Orange County's Fullerton College. By working with their Workforce Center, we have launched one of the most advanced online job boards for a California-based college.

The Purpose

With the current demand for job opportunities and the increase of unemployment, college-based Job Boards have become a crucial asset for students in today's market. Fullerton College's Workforce Center reached out to us to redesign their website and to develop a complex, online Job Board for students and employers to take advantage of. By automating many of the processes for connecting students to employers, the Workforce Center would run much more efficiently and easily cater to the demand of students interested in finding a job.

A dedicated Job Board for Fullerton College students helps them find jobs easier in the community and increases their likelihood of employment. This decreases the students' competition for job opportunities on general job search websites such as Monster or CareerBuilder.

The Process and End Result

Our goal from the start was to provide the easiest experience for students, employers, and the Workforce Center staff. This goal carried throughout the UI of the website and the simplicity of moving from action to action. Employers can register for an account and post job opportunities in minutes. Students can then create their own accounts, search for available job listings and apply to them directly on the website. The process was so simple that the Workforce Center received over 100 student accounts with over 80 job applications in less than 24 hours of the Job Board launching. The demand has always been there, and Artifice Studios delivered the right tools to fill the gap.

Behind the Job Board, a comprehensive Administrator Control Panel was custom built for the Workforce Center staff. The elegant control panel manages all the student accounts, employer accounts, job listings, applications, reports, and offers the right tools to help the Workforce Center staff run at optimal performance. Most Content Management Systems (CMS) are cumbersome and complicated, which is why we opted out and created our own. The result was an intuitive and easy-to-use experience.

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