A canvas. A platform. A place to extend ideas and learn. The Kreativ brand is a doorway to a new home.

The Purpose

Kreativ is a cooperative workspace facility in Santa Clarita, California. At its core, Kreativ is a movement, as well as a solution, for creative freelancers that have no place to call home for their business. Offering the perks of a coffeeshop in a modern day office space environment, Kreativ brings designers, programmers, artists, writers, and anybody creative under one roof to work and network.

Artifice Studios partnered with Kreativ to deliver creative strategies through design, web development, and even video production. Our goal was simple: create an engaging, fun, and cutting-edge brand to appeal to the creative mindset, just like us.

The Process and End Result

The opportunity we had with Kreativ was quite special. "Creating" a brand as oppose to "updating" a brand has a unique lure to it. A blank canvas to bring something to life.

Starting with the logo, we had many ideas that we experimented. From an emblem, to a simple icon, to just typography-only... none of them captured the overall feel we were trying to capture. Then, one late night at 2am the Kreativ logo was born. A logo that was simple but friendly. A logo that felt like it was smiling back at you with colored shapes joining together; a subtle approach to Kreativ's mission.

We then produced a video to promote what Kreativ is all about for the website and their Kickstarter campaign. Done on a weekend, we had the luxury of working with the right talent to make the video stand out. We filmed Cesar Diaz, our illustrator of choice, to draw characters and concepts on a whiteboard that represented Kreativ's script written by Ryan Barton. What took 15 to 20 minutes to record, was truncated down to 2 minutes by speeding up clips by 400% to 1000%.

The talented Susan Fujiki, handled the voice over work with her aussie accent that fit with the style of the video perfectly. And finally, our theme song was exclusively done by Chris Sandoval which pieced the video together so well.

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The Kreativ website, our bread and butter, became one of the websites we were most proud of. It had to demonstrate every bit of detail and passion that the Kreativ team has for its business.

Using WordPress as our choice of platform, we were able to streamline a lot of the development by using existing, open-source plugins and building on top of them to extend their functionality. The Kreativ website is the central hub and first point of contact for Kreativ members and new prospects. Billing, account setup, events, and an appointment system all had to be tied into WordPress' infrastructure to easily maintain all aspects of the website.

The result was a beautifully crafted website with pixel-perfect details and a comprehensive backend to maintain all aspects of Kreativ's business.

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