Naztech Technologies

From the elegant craftsmanship to the high-performance products, we artistically captured the distinguished quality and appearance that makes Naztech Technologies so unique.

The Purpose

The Prada of its field, Naztech has been the leading designer for chic and durable mobile communication accessories. So, to further enhance their capabilities, we designed an e-commerce website that compliments their dedication to efficiency and practicality. Along with high quality photography, each product is showcased to express its own “lifestyle” and “individuality”. Aside from making the website aesthetically appealing, we wanted to provide Naztech with better options when it came to the shopping cart and the website in general. Our main goal was to provide Naztech with a custom built framework to meet the needs of the company.

The Process and End Result

In order to correlate with the company’s image, everything needed to be high end. Photography had to be presented elegantly, large in size, and high in quality.

We built a robust control panel to efficiently modify products and content with a click of a button. With this new framework, Naztech can customize the size and color of items, add product categories, pages and/or images, and process orders. Not only is it easier for the company to customize the site but it is also easier for the customers to navigate through it. Products can be bought directly online with no registration necessary and with the convenience of a one-page checkout.

Information Architecture
User Interface Design
Python / MySQL