Simply Artifice

Our little brother, Simply Artifice, opens its doors to the client that needs a website quick, inexpensive, and... simply beautiful.

The Purpose

Let's face it, getting a website that looks stunning with all the bells and whistles usually outgrows the budget of many businesses starting out. Throw in a Content Management System (CMS), server hosting, domains, emails, tracking visitor traffic... all of this adds up and starts to become a headache for the clueless. Artifice Studios has continuously pushed quality, large-scale websites that require a more intense process. But what about the client that is simply looking for a five page, basic website? Enter Simply Artifice.

By choosing a packaged-deal from Simply Artifice, businesses can benefit of not only having a good looking website, but also getting the whole shebang. CMS, server hosting, emails, all the good stuff, all inclusive at an affordable price. Forget about paying all upfront; Simply Artifice alleviates the burden by spreading out the budget in a 12 month period.

The Process and End Result

The general "Artifice" look has always been dark colors, bold typography, and somewhat edgy. We wanted to challenge ourselves by giving Simply Artifice a blank slate in terms of our design direction. We decided to go vintage, and capture the old school, 1950's ad look. Pinup girls, character illustrations, the typical family looking for convenience, and of course, exclamation points! Even the Simply Artifice logo looks like it came from a soda pop bottle from that era.

Overall, the design was very well received online for its uniqueness and vintage character. It has been featured on various design galleries, such as CSS Mania and The CSS Awards.

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