Timeshare Juice

When Timeshare Juice approached us with nothing more than an idea, we were excited and more than willing to become a part of such an innovative project…

The Purpose

Today, timeshare owners can exchange their units with other owners in different resorts. Though it may sound simple, the process is rather tedious and impractical. In order for owners to make exchanges they have to go through an exchange company. These companies, such as RCI (one of the leading timeshare exchange companies), search for available timeshare exchanges and then inform the member of any offers. The problem with this is that those interested need to pay expensive fees and, even worse, have no control over the search for timeshares.

Timeshare Juice is a first-of-its-kind start up company that utilizes the internet to connect with timeshare owners around the world. The purpose of this website is to save timeshare owners the hassle, the time, and the money to search for timeshare offers. With this free online community, members can skip the registration process by simply logging on with their Facebook account, list and exchange their property, share any vacation tips by starting a blog, and rate and review over 4,000 resorts. The resort database includes photos, a list of amenities and activities, contacts, and the availability of properties in the resort. With Timeshare Juice and the simplicity the website provides, timeshare travelers can save up more money and conveniently plan for their perfect vacation.

The Process and End Result

Since accuracy and commitment is extremely important to us, it is crucial to constantly collaborate with our clients during the developmental stages of a project. It was even more important for this project because we did not only need the steady communication with our client but also the feedback of the members. After the logistics were set, the foundation for the website was developed. Our goal was to formulate a contemporarily pleasing design with an efficient and supportive programming as the backbone. In order to structure and even put a project of this size into practice, we used Basecamp to setup tasks and milestones to track our progress, priorities, and technical bugs. With a notebook full of notes and constant collaboration, we were able to launch an innovative website with the potential of changing the timeshare industry with style.

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User Interface Design
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Artifice Studios is a pleasure to work with and very instrumental in the success of Timeshare Juice. Erick Arndt, Timeshare Juice Founder

I like the design too. Not usually a fan of like lime-green, but I am for the site. And it's clean, and web two-y. Jason Calacanis, This Week in Startups